Due to popular demand and peer pressure, I am expanding my horizons and learning how to put a blog on my website…I am still holding out on social media endeavors like Facebook & Instagram, but a blog is a start out of my cave-girl ways and into the modern age.

My plan is to periodically (maybe once a month if I’m disciplined about it) post things like recipes – either ones I just really like or ones that are good for specific Chinese medicine patterns, stretches, myofascial release techniques, books I recommend – again either because I liked them or because I think they are helpful, useful, or enjoyable, products I dig, quotes of inspiration, and whatever other of my “favorite things” I decide to share with the world.

This is a new adventure and experiment, so bear with me as this is definitely a learning process and a challenge to my technological wizardry, but I invite you to smile and laugh at my mistakes and to use and enjoy the information that is valuable to you.  🙂

My very first blog post